Make More Profitable Sales

  • Feeling frustrated with lack of sales right now?
  • Opportunities keep slipping through the net.
  • Email used rather than picking up the phone?
  • Price dropping is the norm.
  • Staff feel pushy and unsure how to chase leads?
  • Presentation, negotiation or meeting techniques need a refresh.

Martyn Sloman “The Non Pushy” Sales Trainer.

Over 29 years of experience working with large corporate businesses to small teams. Whatever your sales challenges Martyn can help you and your staff get consistent with sales.

Martyn’s training is highly practical, fun and most importantly, memorable. Staff implement the techniques immediately, feeling energized and excited to deliver a natural and helpful approach.     

Perhaps your team just need to refresh on the skills they already know? Martyn can work with your team during normal daily activity. This side by side approach is popular as it has no impact on the workday routine, instead increases productivity, conversion and confidence.

Sales courses:

  • Telesales Skills Training
  • Appointment Setting Training
  • Telemarketing Skills Training
  • Introduction to Selling
  • Sales Skills For Non Salespeople
  • Advanced Skills Sales Training
  • Introduction to Field Sales
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Negotiation Skills Training
  • Sales Management Skills Training

Bite Sized Video Based Sales Training

These courses are now all available for online training. Training is delivered virtually by video which means your staff can attend remotely while working from home or from the office with minimal disruption to their productivity.

Below are recommended durations, these can also be flexed to suit your business/ requirements.

Objection Handling: 3 Hours (including breaks)

“You’re too expensive!” “We want to think it over!” “We’re happy as we are!” “We feel the other provider has a better understanding of our requirements!” “I’m too busy!”

It doesn’t matter whether you are in a transactional sales environment or involved in a longer process of micro-steps, it is inevitable that you’ll encounter objections. Nor does it matter whether you are new to sales or a proven performer: your ability to handle and reassure concerns is vital to converting opportunities!

This practical bite sized session is dedicated to handling objections in sales. You will learn:

  • Why buyers resist on price
  • How to psychologically maintain control of conversations when objection handling
  • How to deal with fob offs to continue the conversation
  • Use of a coping mechanism to think of “makes sense” responses even when caught off-guard
  • Use of a definitive framework to overcome concerns and close!

“Sales for Non-Salespeople” 3 Hours (including breaks)

Anyone who communicates with a customer by phone or e mail has an influence on the likelihood of them buying from your business!

Customer service, support & technical staff have valuable conversations which can create additional opportunities, add value and generate profitable leads.

This course is designed for “non sales staff” to find helpful ways to maximise opportunities for both the customer and your business resulting in better customer loyalty, creating referrals and profitable sales without being pushy!

This course is also ideal for staff who are considering a role in sales or a refresher for salespeople who want a refresher in the fundamentals of selling.

  • Introduction: Salesperson vs Trusted Advisor- How the world of Sales has changed
  • Ways to increase trust & rapport
  • Opening the conversation
  • The reasons people buy
  • Identifying issues through use of probing questions
  • Presenting solution/ making recommendations/ benefits of next step
  • Handling concerns (objections)
  • Closing on next action
  • Follow on vs follow up

“Effective Selling” (Consultative Sales Skills) 3 Hours (including breaks)

This consultative Sales Training workshop is designed to help individuals, business owners and sales team members to refresh/ enhance their sales effectiveness in the following areas:

  • Reaching target Decision Makers
  • Designing effective call openings to generate curiosity & continue the conversation
  • Delivering enticing messages through positive vocabulary
  • Developing and using your value proposition in sales
  • Using assertive vocabulary to create win/ win outcomes (handling concerns/ managing expectations/ influence & persuasion.)
  • Enhancing questioning skills: open, closed and drawing techniques
  • Making effective recommendations
  • Closing on next action
  • Constructing customer/ Prospect friendly responses to your most common objections.

Q & A and action setting

Participants will leave the workshop with written working examples they will have developed and practiced during the session. This will lead to enhanced confidence and an appetite to develop higher value sales opportunities in the workplace!

“Advanced Sales” 3 Hours (including breaks)

This online sales course is ideal for business owners, directors and experienced sales staff to develop and refresh techniques and processes to optimise conversion typically within medium to long term opportunities.

Advanced Sales Skills

  • Understanding & Developing Wider Influence to Persuade the Customer
  • Asking Better Questions to Drive Value for The Customer
  • Gently Investigating Likelihood of Status Quo in Decision Making & Techniques to Drive Reasons for Change
  • Probing the Decision Making Unit, Criteria & Process
  • Increasing Closing Methods
  • Handling Objections
  • Open Sales Clinic (Q & A) – share your current stalled opportunities & sales dilemmas to get practical solutions to re-ignite them & close!

“The Fundamentals of Selling” 2 x 3 Hours (including breaks)

The most effective sales people learn to qualify opportunities well, look at the Prospect’s unique requirements and handle objections and challenges positively. They understand and build their approach around the sales fundamentals. 

In order to be effective at selling and enjoy great results it’s vital to have a thorough knowledge of the process and how each step increases conversion.

This course, which is split over two consecutive afternoons, is designed to equip delegates with the initial knowledge to start to develop confidence and gain the skills they will need to learn and apply the fundamentals of selling.

Part 1: (3 Hours)

  • ​Planning & Preparation: Ourselves, The Interactions & Calls, Self Managing Productivity.
  • How to Stay Resilient: Maintaining a Positive Mindset, Powerful Techniques to Increase Sales! Why self-development is critical to success!
  • Understanding Conversion Rates
  • What Makes an Effective Salesperson & The Use of Confidence Inspiring Vocabulary.
  • Effective Sales Admin & E-Mail Etiquette: Getting responses to enquiries, quotes & proposals
  • An overview of Social Selling
  • Managing Gatekeeper Expectations
  • Navigating to Decision Makers
  • Creating Compelling Conversation Starters

Part 2: (3 Hours) 

  • Effective Question Techniques: Open, Probing, Power, Closed, Decision Making.
  • Developing Active Listening Skills
  • Communicating Value through Features and Benefits
  • Closing Skills including closing on next action, setting up appointments
  • Why People Object & Objection Handling Skills
  • Effective Follow Up – how to ensure productive advancements and minimise radio silence

Customer Service Excellence: A full day course – split over two x three hour sessions

Any interaction whether spoken, written or face to face reflects on your business’s brand. Customers and prospective customers expect consistency in communication and ever increasing levels of service.

Delegates will enjoy developing effective ways to manage others expectations & finding ways to create potential opportunities for other areas of your business. 


  • The Deadly Sins of Telephone Behaviour– a pre- recorded fictitious call where everything goes wrong- very exaggerated but a few seeds of truth that delegates can spot to improve their professionalism with customers.
  • The Power of Positive Vocabulary– an exercise where delegates re- word less appealing items more positively to show the benefit/ hidden value. The idea is that we have to be convinced if we are to convince others.
  • Customer Service Assertiveness: Every day words which can serve to influence, persuade, motivate and placate customers and potential customers.
  • Understanding The Impact of Actions– How to get better understanding and agreement- often customers leave a conversation with their perception of the message which can sometimes be different to the reality of the situation!
  • Using Voice Control to Influence– here we explore how we can use characteristics of our voices to achieve the desired effect in conversation. (Rapport, empathy, persuading etc)
  • Probing for Understanding– questioning skills
  • Developing Active Listening Skills
  • Problem Solving With Empathy– Often we’re so keen to drive a solution which isn’t effective as the other party isn’t in the right mindset to be influenced yet! 
  • Complaint Handling Skills– Identifying tactics to handle and resolve issues, taking ownership and some areas to avoid!

“Within 2 months of Martyn’s training I closed additional orders worth £50,000 and £170,000. These were opportunities which I would not have closed if I hadn’t used techniques that Martyn recommended.”

Field Sales Executive, Manufacturing Sector


  Here are some ideas which can help with call reluctance: Call reluctance is when we get that seed of doubt in our mind when we’re about to call someone and they could be our ideal Prospect. We don’t want to mess up the opportunity. And we start thinking about Go ahead
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  These courses are now all available for online training. Training is delivered virtually by video which means your staff can attend remotely while working from home or from the office with minimal disruption to their productivity. Below are recommended durations, these can also be flexed to suit your business/ Go ahead
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