11th Hour Sales Dilemma!

I was recently contacted by a customer who was concerned that at the 11th hour he had an opportunity which had a 90% chance of success might become delayed or even not happen.

There were multiple parties involved in the buying decision and he’d done a great job convincing the various parties that his was the ideal solution and his company would be the ideal partnership for them.

The dilemma was that one of the original Decision Makers (an Architect) moved on and was replaced and his successor wanted to review the whole project from scratch! This was a challenge for everyone especially the other Decision Makers!

My customer contacted me for some ideas. He told me that they were set to draw up contracts and that the agreement was highly likely to go ahead until this hurdle cropped up.

We needed to find a way for the new Decision Maker to feel reassured that the actions taken so far were the correct ones and for him to sign off on it with his colleagues. Some convincing needed to be made and for him to feel that he’d done his due diligence.

I asked my customer if there was an example of similar work which had been done for any other companies who would be happy to act as an endorsee. What happened was even better! He not only had a good example but the endorsee was happy to make contact and invite the decision makers to his offices to see for themselves as his personal guests. Talk about your customer rolling out the red carpet for your prospective customers! A true advocate!

So the date was set for the site visit and I called my customer to find out his feedback and if he’d got agreement to go ahead with the project.

He told me the visit never happened…and that wasn’t a problem! The Architect signed off anyway as he already knew the Endorsee’s site so was sufficiently reassured. My customer was especially pleased as it was the biggest contract his business had agreed in its history with the prospect of further contracts!

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