4 Tips To Help You Close

Does closing feel awkward to you? Have a look at this example: “So would you agree that implementing this would be a high value solution for your business?” –Re-read that for a moment: “So would you agree that implementing this would be a high value solution for your business?”

This was asked during a sales conversation I observed recently – sounds very much like a close and a clunky one at that-how does it sound to you?

Maybe it would work in written form but it doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you would physically say does it?  It needs to relate to something tangible too- an objective or outcome. Up to this point the conversation was flowing quite naturally and then a weird bit of phrasing, the “high value solution” question pops up.

Here comes the close!

So at this point the Prospect knows they are being closed and then they have to respond. Now if up to this point things have gone well the Prospect might overlook it and respond positively.

On the flip side, what if the rest of the conversation was delivered in this way? Chances are the Prospect is already feeling sold to and unless they can see how the solution significantly improves something they are having an issue with, there is a high likelihood they will be thinking of ways to detach themselves from the situation.

Make it easy.

Why not just ask something straightforward like: “How do you feel about getting started with this?” Or “I appreciate you need to see for yourself how it works- let’s get your free trial underway…”

It’s much simpler, and easier to understand and respond to. Now the really good news is that this salesperson remembered to close! It’s very common for salespeople to avoid or forget to close –usually because they are fearful it won’t result in a positive outcome. Often they are just prolonging the inevitable!

It makes sense:

The whole point of closing is it happens naturally and both parties agree because it makes sense to go ahead. Some people advise that you should let the Prospect or customer do the closing. That’s fine if they are decisive individuals –however more often the Prospect appreciates help making decisions, or just need a nudge to get them to take action on something they’ve procrastinated on and they haven’t done themselves any favours as a result.

Closing will always be uncomfortable unless the things that led up to that point flow in the right way. Here are 4 tips which I hope you find helpful:

The Prospect or customer can see you are focussed on helping create a positive effect in their business/ what they are aiming to achieve. What outcome do you create?

There is the right kind of proof/ data/ research for them to relate to.

You’ve spent the right amount of effort to build a relationship with them asking relevant questions at the right pace, so they see you as a partner to their business-not a salesperson, someone they feel will make recommendations objectively not for their own gain.

You believe that providing the solution will be the best service you can provide to them as a customer. See them as a customer, not an Account to be gained and pretty soon they will be a customer!

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