A Strange Question?

How often do you ask your customers why they choose to work with you? Admittedly I don’t do it enough. It’s great what I find out when I do though!

One Sales Director told me he chose me to work with his Field Sales Team because I was the only Sales Training provider who followed up on the Proposal when I said I would and gently persisted till we spoke. (The others did eventually.)

An MD of an IT Support company hired me because I cold called him with a decent approach using some research and he wanted his Internal Sales and Field Sales people to increase their Prospecting activity.

A UK Telemarketing  Manager uses me because I continually refresh my material so it doesn’t matter how often his team members work with me- there’s always new ideas to consider to help with their approach.

I should probably ask for this kind of feedback a bit more!

Something I learned a while ago: when asking for this feedback, respond in kind. Show sincere curiosity, ask a little more. And never play it down like I did in this example:

“The reason we work with you is because you are so engaging with our teams Martyn. They all feel like they can ask you whatever they want and have the time to express their views.” How did I respond?

I just left it there and said “Thanks, when should we arrange to do the next review?” Ouch! Instead what I now would have said was:  “That’s great feedback, could you tell me who was it that really valued the support and how it helped them?”

There’s all kinds of benefits to asking why our customers choose to partner with us:

They appreciate being asked their views, it shows you care, it may even be that they aren’t particularly happy about something- in which case we have the opportunity to do something about it before it becomes more of an issue! It re-establishes you in their thoughts and creates the opportunity for further business together.   It may be an ideal time to arrange a testimonial or case study.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. What’s your experience with this? How do you ask this question and what do you do with the responses?

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