Asking Great Sales Questions

How often do you get off the phone to a client or Prospect or get back to your car and think “why didn’t I ask that?” There’s always a question or two that we remember we should have asked after the event!

If that’s the case you need to break the cycle- write down the questions you typically overlook or know you need to ask. Look at them before a call or visit. Put them somewhere in your field of vision. If you glance at them just 3 times in a working day you will have noticed them over 700 times in a year! Those questions will soon be working for you.

Some more about questions- the information we gain is only as good as the questions we use to elicit that information. So if you find your Prospect has gone elsewhere it’s because you didn’t ask them what other choices they were considering:

Lots of people shy away from asking about this and you need to stop worrying about it. It’s a good thing that they are considering going elsewhere because it proves they are in a buying frame of mind. This means they are less likely to default to the dominant behaviour of doing nothing.

It might go like this:

You: “OK, apart from us what other options are you considering?”

Prospect: “Well, I’m thinking of looking at another provider too…”

You: “I understand, what is it that’s making you consider them?”

Prospect: “Well they offer (ABC) as part of their package…”

You: “Sure, any other reasons?”

Prospect: “No, that’s it really…”

You: “We provide that element of service too, let me show you how it works…”

You have now created the opportunity to manage their expectations and build more value!

In the next blog on questions I’ll share with you how you can approach this situation if they’ve already been to see the other provider.

What are your feelings on asking these kind of questions? How do they work for you?

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