Asking More Great Sales Questions

Some More Great Sales Questions!

In my previous blog Asking Great Sales Questions we looked at the importance of asking bold questions to uncover information that your Prospect might not otherwise share. When asking bold questions they must be done out of sincere curiosity – even concern. It’s like we have a duty of care to our client or Prospect to investigate- just like Columbo!

The questions you currently ask are what get you the results you currently have. So if you want incremental results, reduced sales cycles and increased closing ratios you have to be committed to asking these kinds of questions that uncover your Prospect’s true opinion and feelings.

Lots of business owners and salespeople get concerned about this. They feel they are being too personal or over stepping the mark. Well, if those are your beliefs they are your beliefs. Not necessarily your Prospects’ beliefs! So who are we to decide for them? We need to ask them!

Let’s imagine we are going to ask them if they are considering another provider. This doesn’t mean we are inviting them or prompting them to use another provider- they’ll do it anyway if they want to. It’s a good thing that they are considering going elsewhere because it proves they are in a buying frame of mind. This means they are less likely to default to the dominant behaviour of doing nothing.

The conversation might go like this:

You: “OK, apart from us what other options are you considering?”

Prospect: “Well, I’m considering using another provider too…”

You: “I understand… on a scale of 1-10 where do we fit in your expectations?”

Prospect: “I’d say you’re an 8…”

Now being optimistic you might think 8/10 wow that’s great! Hold on for just a moment though, we need to find out a little more about their opinion, you ask:

You: “8? And what number do you give the other provider?”

Prospect: “I’d say they’re 8.5…”

You: “Really? Just out of curiosity- what gives them the extra 0.5?”

Prospect: “Well they offer (ABC) as part of their package…”

You: “Sure, any other reasons?”

Prospect: “No, that’s it really…”

You: “We provide that element of service too, let me show you how it works…”

You have now created the opportunity to manage their expectations and build more value!

Then you can ask:

You: “Given that we also provide ABC as we’ve just discussed, where are we now on the scale?”

Prospect: “Oh, you’re a 9 now…”

You: “9, great- what now makes us a 9?”

Prospect: “Actually it’s you, I like your approach and I can see us working together…”

You:  “That’s good news, shall we get the first order underway then…”

What are your feelings on asking these kinds of questions? How do they work for you?

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