Follow Up Tips

Are you in a situation where you have been having sales conversations with a client or prospect and it’s gone a bit quiet? You need to find a way to re-open the conversation. If you are calling with the same reason or leaving the same messages and they’re not responding it’s worth trying a different approach.

Maybe it’s the method of follow up you are using, if you have e mailed, pick up the phone, if you’ve been calling with no response try a text message. It might be the easiest way for them to respond. People are crazy busy! Variety is the key.

Look at the times you have been calling them- if it’s between 10am and 3pm that’s when most meetings take place. So a call first thing or last thing is worth a shot!

Think about what they do and how they help their customers- is there a way you can help them by introducing them to some of your business connections? Sometimes we overlook who we know and how they might be able to work well together.

Maybe you’re too close to the issue- get together with a colleague to talk through these kinds of opportunities. They may have some great suggestions and you can reciprocate with their follow up challenges!

Have you over-looked something else you could offer them to consider? There may be an additional piece of service or tier of your product you could suggest to them.

Are there any upcoming business events/ exhibitions which would be useful to them? Let them know about them and maybe offer to go with them/ meet them there. You never know what conversations you might both have which lead to bigger opportunities!

Maybe your client or Prospect would appreciate reaching a new/ broader audience- is there a way of you connecting them with someone who could give them a speaking opportunity at an event where their prospects are hanging out?

Are there any articles, blogs or videos that you’ve come across that could be relevant to a challenge they are working on?

Have they produced some content you can comment on, like and share? What if you were to send their content to another of your connections that would consider it beneficial? And let them know about it!

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