Give The Gift of Encouragement

No matter how confident someone seems you never know what they are dealing with behind the scenes.

They might be trying something new in their business/ department and there’s a lot at stake. Maybe they’re making an investment which will create some opportunity, they’ve done their due diligence and even had others personally vouch for the provider’s success rate. They still feel concerned though and even though they justify it with some facts and figures it still needs to deliver!

Often people don’t broadcast a new move they are making until some success has been achieved because they don’t want to be seen as failing. Why does that matter? It was just a decision that needed adjustment. We should applaud those that break out and try something different.

Sales Performance

How about the sales person whose performance has dropped? There’s a trend downwards and the initial impression is that they are failing- what about the fact that they might be about to bounce back? Yes they might have had the law of averages catch them up and they didn’t have enough activity at the front end but they corrected it and the momentum is swinging back. They dug deep, worked out what skills they had let become a bit tired and analysed the part of the sales process they’d lost focus on and sharpened up- the results are imminent!

Sales Management

How about the Sales Manager whose team haven’t been as consistent as usual? Initial impressions might be a lack of communication, a drop in expectation, accountability etc. In reality yes some of those things might have happened but when you ask them what they are doing about it they reel off concrete actions with measurable proof- the correction is already taking place!

Making Mistakes

I know of several businesses which get their teams together and say “let’s talk about where you took risks last week and what worked and what didn’t.” What didn’t work is still recognised just like what did work! The amazing thing is someone else in the team might have a different perspective on the piece that hasn’t worked, they make a suggestion- a tweak and it’s all set to succeed! All from what most would call a mistake.

Imagine if one of your friends had a go at public speaking for the first time and it was a shaky performance. You’d want to tell them about the things they did well, the things you liked. Inside they are giving themselves enough of a serious grilling. They just need some support, direction and encouragement and they improve! (If you want to improve at public speaking and presentation get involved on the networking scene- it’s the perfect proving ground and filled with those that will want you to succeed.)

Performance management conversations should be approached with the recipient’s success in mind. There might be interventions such as closer review and reporting but the recipient MUST believe it is to encourage, support and get them back on track and on the way to their potential. That means you have to believe in them and encourage them and take as much accountability for their development as them.

It’s massively motivational having people around you who support you. Encouragement is the catalyst for growth.

What examples of encouragement have you received/ seen given- what happened as a result? If you liked this post please comment, like and share with your connections.

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