How to Respond to “Send an E-Mail!”

Imagine you had been called by a prospective supplier. Your colleague takes their call and relays some intial information to you about their message. You don’t have time to take their call plus you already have an existing supplier for their services. You ask your colleague to get them to send you an e mail. You receive this:

Good afternoon XXXX,

I tried to call you today, unfortunately I believe you were unavailable to take my call.

The reason for my call was to introduce ABC Company.

We provide (insert provision of products and services to any size businesses anywhere.)

We are based in X part of the country

We can offer a system or solution to rectify any business pain.

Our products and services include:

  • Widgets
  • Gizmos
  • Stuff
  • Virtual stuff
  • More products
  • Widget components
  • Gizmo spares
  • Outsourced solutions
  • Numerous business services


ABC Company is the perfect partner for businesses to work with when the need arises.

ABC Company would welcome the chance to arrange an appointment to discuss what solution we can provide to meet any needs you may have.

Regards, (Sales Representative)

This approach will give a largely ineffective response because:

It’s all about them, not the Prospect: “You were unavailable to take my call, we provide this, we are in this location, we can offer this …to rectify any business plan, here’s a list of products, we’re perfect to work with, we’d like an appointment to offer a solution to your issue we haven’t even discussed yet…”

Here’s an alternative:


I appreciate things are really busy. Your colleague Martin suggested I e mail, I understand you already have a provider for (insert requirement.) Having worked with (insert similar sized company) we were able to improve x by y%. I don’t know if this is something you’d be interested in and would like to have a further conversation to understand your views- would next Tuesday 24th at 2pm be convenient?

The purpose of sending an e mail is to get a response, this e mail allows you to position a phone appointment to start the conversation.
It’s really important to have a relevant topic to reference in your e mail. So you need to do your research or you could ask the person you are speaking to at the company. And just as important have tangible examples of success which you can quote.

So when you are asked to send an e mail think about how you can use it to create the next step in the interaction.

What responses work well for you? It would be great to hear some examples.

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