Prospecting – Attract Your Customers Through Honesty & Transparency

Selling has a largely negative reputation. This is down to the adverse experiences created by the pushy, hard closing, “gift of the gab” individuals! Well the good news is the world of sales has changed. We don’t have to tolerate these people, we’re armed with information we research and obtain ourselves so we don’t need a salesperson to educate us to the extent we used to.


Instead it’s the salesperson’s job to demonstrate and prove how their business can provide us with the right relationship. It has to be driven by honesty, clarity and trust that has to be earned and maintained.

Are You A Salesperson?

Whether you are comfortable with it or not we are all salespeople. In order to succeed in business no matter what our role we need to gain agreement, influence and persuade. So we all sell, even if it’s not a product or service it will be ideas- we still need to get buy-in. That’s selling!

One of the hardest things to come to terms with is rejection. The impact and risk is that we see it negatively and retreat from creating the right levels of opportunity at the front end to feed our businesses.

Rejection, a positive thing, how?

Rejection can be a good thing as it means people de -select as a Prospect for us. There’s nothing worse than having to work with over-demanding, unprofitable customers. The key to dealing with rejection is to have a rich source of opportunities who want to work you in your pipeline. So we need to work harder at ensuring we are fishing where the fish are. Dependant on your business this can include:

  • Networking where your Prospects hang out. Regularly- we must show up to have those conversations.
  • Content Marketing: this is the biggest opportunity to engage*
  • Telemarketing
  • Advertising
  • Referrals- the more referrals you give, the more you will get!
  • Exhibitions/ events

Keep moving forward, keep looking for the next opportunity, treat every Prospect as a customer and pretty soon more of them will be!

*I mentioned Content Marketing is the biggest opportunity to engage with both your customers and your future customers. I strongly recommend you follow Chris Marr of The Content Marketing Academy. You can receive a 10 day free crash course in how to apply Content Marketing:  Please download it as it will be so helpful for your business and help you access your audience and accelerate the trust process.

Which piece of this article was most useful to you? I’d love to hear your feedback!

The expertly shot blog image is me in action presenting by kind permission of Rupert Marlow of

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