See What You Want To Happen Before Every Sales Interaction

My friend Tony Pizii shared this with me:

“Doc, I was so there and so into the target I could see nothing but the flag, I promise you I hit that exactly where I was looking.”

It’s from a fantastic item Tony had read by Dr Bob Rotella who had been speaking to Davis Love the third- a prolific golfer. Davis was explaining how he’d made a shot in a really precarious part of the course. The hole was close to a lake and surrounded by mounds, rough and a bunker. Here’s the full article, the piece I’m referring to is in section 7.

There are so many parallels we can draw from this when focussing on our sales opportunities:

When you are properly focussed on an opportunity it’s like a laser beam is pulling you towards it.

We should treat each opportunity as if nothing else exists

Become single minded about it

Don’t get distracted

Once you’ve decided on the opportunity think of nothing else, this kind of focus will draw you closer to it happening.

The more you are consumed with it the more your instincts and subconscious will help you.

You won’t always get the outcome you want but if you apply this approach you will achieve more often than not.

Now this certainly isn’t about the salesperson winning at all costs. It’s about the salesperson doing everything they can in their power to provide the right solution for the Prospect or customer, with their interests truly at heart.

By being fluent with our process we don’t need to think about it, this enables us to focus on the buyer. Not what we should be doing next. It’s like we’re performing without thinking, doing it naturally.

Let’s treat every Prospect as if they were our only Prospect, every customer as our only customer. That Prospect and that customer would know it, they’d sense how much you care, you’d be talking to them as if you are part of their business, their success would be your success, the trust goes through the roof!

Do you use this kind of mind set? How does it work for you?

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