Selling By Caring!

Sell & Show You Care!

Do you need a reason to speak to or stay in touch with your clients? You’d better come up with something or someone else will and you could be at risk of losing them! The stronger that relationship and the more you are in their mind for your products and services the better!

I experienced this recently where one of my connections, Matt, was telling me how he looks after his clients by asking them for feedback about their service. Our opinion is the most important thing to us so why not ask your client’s opinion on how they feel right now?

Otherwise it seems like we just make all the effort to bring them on board as a new customer then back off! How awful- would you put up with service like that? It’s like we’re now more interested in chasing the next deal!

Even if something’s not going so well at least you can create the opportunity to put it right. Your client will appreciate you gave them the opportunity to flag it and find out what you could do to fix things.

You’ve massively increased the goodwill and trust as a result. Now imagine they get a call from someone who provides something similar to what you do. It’s very unlikely they’ll entertain that conversation! You’ve saved a customer and saving a customer is the same as winning a new one.

As business people it’s our responsibility to demonstrate how we care for our customers -and Prospects for that matter. And we can increase our own success at the same time: we’re more likely to do more business with them, sell additional services and be referred as a result.

Here’s another idea- why not send them a thoughtful gift.  Think about what they do and therefore what they might find useful. Let’s say you know they spend a long time on the road, so they probably have a hot drink or maybe a juice for the journey- why not buy them a really nice quality flask or bottle. WITH YOUR BRANDING ON IT!

They’ll see that every time they pick up the flask and because it’s good quality their drink stays hot or cold longer and they’ll notice it and appreciate it. Plus they’ll be carrying it around, it gets spotted and it could trigger a question about your business by someone!

My connection and friend Matt who I mentioned earlier provides this kind of service. His business is Recognition Express. He can advise on the best kind of product if you would like to roll out the red carpet for someone. His website is:

By doing things like this you are not only strengthening the relationship you are also investing in your brand!

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