Share Your Expertise, Show You Care!

I’m very fortunate that I spend a lot of time with all kinds of salespeople. This means I get to see and hear what’s good and what could be improved. Plus I get to witness Salespeople who are exceptional.

The exceptional ones are those who have high expectations, always look for the positive, always thirsty to develop new opportunities at the same time as closing existing ones. (They’re also ruthlessly honest with themselves about the opportunities that won’t happen- usually about 60% of opportunities are lost in a typical pipeline!)

Sometimes when I ask them to describe what they do, they struggle to explain. Others are easily able to do so. When asked to share those ideas and methods, occasionally I’m met with the response-“what and give away all my secrets? Then the others will catch up!”

When starting to do well in sales I used to be a bit like that, keeping a little bit back when giving advice if asked. That didn’t feel good. Then I realised that in doing so I wasn’t being genuinely helpful and it may have taken some courage to ask for that help. They’d probably realise that I was holding back too. Plus why was I being so insecure?

Instead by giving a full explanation it allows you to re-analyse. This in itself means you can find further ways to enhance the process, technique or approach and use the opportunity to improve!

It doesn’t matter if they do the thing you’ve just helped with or not, or even if they believe in it or not. If you’ve done the share you’ve shown you care!

I was speaking to a group of business people at a networking group; 4Networking in Weston-super-Mare in the UK. We discussed the fact that every business person in the room has something unique to share and that they are an expert in their field. It’s just that most don’t feel they justify the concept of being an expert!

One way of sharing expertise is what you are reading right now- this blog and I encouraged my networking colleagues to think about the stories they tell customers and Prospects, the knowledge they possess, their experiences and get blogging and communicate them in as many ways as possible. It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe they are an expert as long as people appreciate what’s being shared, that’s what counts!

I’m grateful to Stefan Thomas, Author of Business Networking for Dummies advised me that blogging twice a week creates excellent momentum. I’ve also had some useful tips from Chris Marr of the Content Marketing Academy-fantastic resource, check it out if you get the opportunity!

I hope this has inspired you to start or do more sharing. Maybe something’s stopping you from doing so or you are struggling to find the time? There’s an appreciative audience waiting to hear your messages!

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