Techniques to Shift From Negative to Positive!

How can you get into a positive mind set when you’ve been knocked back with a little too much rejection? Maybe you’ve got a daunting task to do? Or maybe things didn’t go well on the way into work: red traffic lights all the way, train delayed, or maybe because we are only human we’re just not feeling it…

There’s a real risk that things will slide even further potentially costing us opportunities. So what can we do about it?

This is where distraction is a GOOD thing! Step away and do something else for a while. Speaking with other salespeople about this subject here’s what they suggest:

Listen to your favourite music.

Watch some inspiring material on YouTube, motivational speakers, TED talks etc.

Read some personal development material.

Have a conversation with someone you know is usually upbeat.

Plan an activity or treat you can do at the weekend, something you will really look forward to.

Do something that is helpful for others with no expectation for anything in return- write some testimonials for them. I did this yesterday evening and it really works!

Now these ideas are great if you can take some time away for a moment. But what if you don’t have that luxury and you have a hectic schedule? Here are some further suggestions:

Before you make the next call or attend the next meeting think to yourself “what would be the best outcome I could bring to this situation for my Prospect/ customer?” List a few outcomes- ultimate outcome for them, next best, 3rd best…Then plan your approach around those ideas.

By doing this you are shifting your thought process away from the negative and into positive solution mode! Don’t give the negative thoughts energy and they will diminish! They’ll instead be replaced by helpful thoughts and your mood will be lifted.

Something my friend Mark Somerville does is to read some of his “brag folder.” This is a file he has created over the last 20 years which is a record of all his accomplishments in his entire career in selling.

It’s like a trophy room –it contains positive customer feedback, sales performance records, testimonials, e mails from people saying thank you, photos of team events and certificates of achievement from workshops/ events he’s attended. It allows him to re-live some of those experiences instantaneously and helps him re-kindle his enthusiasm.

I’m going to own up to something you may think is childish! I did a sales talk at a large business show in the UK recently and whilst I was excited about it and prepared as much as I could I was still nervous. So I planned a daft little reward! After my talk was over and I’d chatted to some of the people who had come to see me I reached into my pocket for an unopened pack of Star Wars “The Force Awakens” trading cards I’d bought earlier that week and opened them!

It brought back the same thrill of anticipation I felt when I was 7 when I collected the original film’s trading cards. The whole time I was talking those cards were waiting to be opened and I’m sure my subconscious was focussing on that rather than giving me stage fright!

This list is by no means comprehensive- I’d love to know what you do to help yourself in these situations! It would be great if you could share it!

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