Understanding Payoffs

I recently met someone at a friend’s wedding. He told me how he had recently gone from temporary for 18 months to permanent in his role at work. This is something he really wanted but soon got de-motivated.

At the end of the first month he checked his payslip and it didn’t include the perks he was expecting. He spoke to his boss who explained HR was behind on processing admin. Roll on the next month and still no adjustments.

He contacted HR directly who referred him back to his boss who confessed it was actually in a pile of paperwork he hadn’t actioned yet.

How to take one motivated and engaged individual and seriously dent the trust in one fell swoop! It’s not just the perks that were missing- it’s more the lack of care and demonstration of valuing a team member. Once the paperwork issue is resolved it takes a lot to rekindle the goodwill.

That manager has a lot of proving to do and he may not ever re-gain the full trust of his team member.

If we can find more ways to properly engage our staff they reciprocate by engaging more consistently with our customers and our business grows.

I’m going to share with you a really simple process which contributed to the high morale in the teams I worked with in my early Sales Management career.

You might even be underwhelmed at how simple it is…are you prepared to be underwhelmed?

You ask every individual team member these 3 questions:

“What do you want from your role/ the company?”

“What do you need to do to achieve this?”

“What support do you need from me/ others to help you achieve this?”

You ask them not to answer straight away and ask them to imagine there are no barriers and that you are happy to discuss their thoughts and see what could be done.

Tell them to consider their answers for a few days then set up a 121 meeting with them away from distractions and do not whatever you do cancel or postpone the meeting! It’s possibly the most important conversation you will have had with them to date. Challenge them to ensure they are genuine motives not just what they think they should put or what you want to hear.

The result of the first conversation might be that you need to schedule a further meeting if they need to develop their thoughts or if you need to think about how you support them.

Some team members like to create visuals and have the payoffs printed in their workspace to keep focussed.

You each commit to doing whatever actions are required to help them achieve their payoffs. It’s really important that you internalise the team member’s payoffs and have regular conversations, reviews and 121s. Stick to it even if the team member doesn’t- this sends a massive message that you will help them even when they struggle.

Get curious about payoffs!

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