Using Trust To Attract Customers

I recently watched an excellent webinar heavily featuring the subject of trust by Chris Marr of The Content Marketing Academy. It inspired me to write this blog and how vital trust is to us in the sales profession.


He talked about the fact that we can’t have success without trust. Just think for a moment what it’s like dealing with someone you trust:



Understanding is high

It feels natural- complementary to your beliefs/ values/ objectives


And someone you don’t trust? It’s frustrating, hard work and you feel like it drags, you have to do a lot of tedious explaining.

Now when we speak to a Prospect or Client we have the opportunity to create that trust by using our skills of rapport, assessing what they appreciate, how we can demonstrate helpfulness and value etc.

BUT! What if we are missing a huge number of opportunities to create that trust with Prospects who we never get to interact with? In other words the potential customers -that for whatever reason are looking elsewhere. They could be talking to other providers or sticking with what they’ve got (the most common option.) And they just won’t interact with you, maybe because they don’t know you exist or perceive that you can’t help.

So how do you attract the Prospects you are missing the opportunity to interact with?

Let’s get inside the Prospect’s head for a minute and pretend we are a suspicious, cynical buyer or just plain sceptical! The Prospect is assessing you, your products/ service and your company, and most of all: your brand – which is your reputation. After all it’s what people say about us, not what we say that counts!

There’s a myriad of thoughts crossing their mind:

“Who have you already done it for?”

“What do you know about how we work?”

“How can you prove what you offer will work in our environment?”

“Why should I trust you?”

“What do you already know about the typical challenges/ problems we face?”

“Are you the sort of person/ organisation I can share our problems with?”

So, how do we attract them to give us the opportunity to interact and start to answer these questions when we don’t have the opportunity to at the moment?

You give them the answers by writing and sharing content! What a pain…initially, yes, it can be however there is a bigger gain to be had as a result because they will come to you.

All we have to do is write and talk regularly about the kinds of things that go through our customers’ and Prospects’ minds, those questions we explored above:

Write and talk regularly, as in a lot- about their pain, their challenges and concerns. Show how you solve problems and create useful information in multiple ways.

The effect this has is it proves your credibility in multiple ways for multiple types of buyers. It really doesn’t matter if you are creating some more content on a subject you’ve already written about because there are so many buyers with unique situations and what you offer is very unlikely to be a one size fits all product or solution.

Producing content creates trust, it helps your brand, it serves as a non -intrusive reminder to your Customers and attracts Prospects.

If you’re in sales and you’re not producing content or enough content then to the vast majority of the market you just don’t exist!

I’m keen to get your feedback and thoughts on this. Plus your thoughts on the buyer’s questions highlighted above- what else do you feel goes through their minds?

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