Voice Mail Tips

You’ve been trying to reach your Prospect. You’ve called multiple times at various times. So do you now leave a message? Here’s a message I received recently. What do you think?

“Yeah, Hi Martyn my name’s ________I actually run (name of business) I just started there 3 or 4 months ago…

…Umm, I’m actually looking to link up with someone like yourself in the area because I actually intend to promote if you like, to go into businesses in sales to help sales trainers and sales managers in conjunction with them again if possible to help them actually promote sales as part of the whole sales training. My background briefly I’ve come out of (industry)   I’ve been (insert additional field) for 30 years and (insert similar profession) on a sort of part time basis and been involved in sales in the past. I looked you up and wouldn’t mind having a chat with you if you’re interested, my number’s _____________ if you are interested.”

This is word for word what they said except I’ve edited their name and profession to keep it safely anonymous. I really feel for this person. They made the effort to call, they seem helpful. I haven’t called them back.

Here are the reasons:

They’re not confident with why they are calling.

They can’t articulate what their objectives are

Their language is waffly

I think I know but I’m not sure what’s in it for me

It’s mostly about them

Their number was only left once at the end so it was hard to catch.

I’m not sure why I’d be calling them back.

Here’s how it would have worked:

“Hi Martyn, my name is ________________ from ABC company. We have proven ways to help underperforming Salespeople overcome deep rooted confidence issues which impact their performance. Combined with highly effective sales training like I understand you offer they respond well and as a result cause fewer issues for Management. I’m not sure if this is something you’d be interested in but I’d like to have a further conversation to see. Please give me (insert name) a call back on 1234 56789, that’s 1234 56789.”

What would compel me to respond is:

They sound confident and believable.

It gets to the point

They reference the fact I predominately work with salespeople

They talk about “impact” and “performance”

And they can help me bring “fewer issues for Management”- my Clients and Prospects!

This is helpful!

So, when leaving voicemail please ensure you think about the outcomes you achieve and how they apply to the Prospect you are calling. That is what will get their curiosity and increase the chances of a call back to create the conversation.

What works for you when leaving voicemail?

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