Winning Business Through Lost Opportunities

One of my trusted connections Rupert, a superb photographer, has a fantastic approach to sales. It doesn’t matter whether he is booked by them or not, he treats everyone as if they are his customer.

If a couple books another photographer, Rupert sends them a card saying words to the effect of: “I’m glad you’ve arranged a photographer for your wedding, I wish you all the best for your special day and if you need any advice or help please get in touch.”

This is really effective, firstly because he has genuinely wants to help. Second, he often gets a call after the event for further photography. Plus he gets recommended as the story of his card gets shared by the couple’s family and friends.

It doesn’t matter if the Prospect has just bought. The fact that they have bought (even through another supplier) and the conversation has led to them nearly doing business means there is still potential to do future business! So we should still keep the conversation going and still find ways to prove value.

Do you/ your sales team keep in touch to help with businesses you’d like to work with-even if they’ve just bought? What better way to demonstrate how you would care for them as if they were already your customer! If you can find ways to continually be of help you’ll soon develop a stronger relationship than their incumbent supplier. Especially if something goes wrong or they find they are getting more useful advice from you!

It’s just worked for me today- an original enquiry from 2 years ago has just booked me to work with their sales team. I kept in touch, the original brief has changed but the fact the sales team needs support has not!

Has this worked for you? I’d love to hear about it. Do you have a record of previous enquiries which you/ your team have lost contact with? It’s worth considering getting back in touch with them!

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