How to Deal With The Objection “Call Me back Later!”

This is one of the most common fob-offs anyone can experience in sales. So how do you deal with the objection “call me back later?” Let’s imagine you’ve spoken to someone initially and they say “you know what I’m too busy to talk about this right now can you give me a call back at 3:00?” Then guess what -you call them back at 3:00 and they mysteriously aren’t there anymore and weren’t going to take your call in the first place!

So what we have to do is to give them an idea of why they should speak to us at 3 o’clock -that’s the piece that’s missing! How do we compel them to bother talking to us?

It’s actually really easy and you can start doing this straight away! What I recommend that you do is you say to them; “Absolutely Sarah, I will call you back at 3 o’clock. And the reason that I want to speak to you is because I’ve got an idea that I really think will help you in your business. I noticed on your website you’re doing such and such and I’ve got an idea I’d really like your opinion on. So will you be available to take my call at 3 o’clock?”

You are now hinting at something of value for them- a reason to listen. You aren’t just any salesperson and may be worth speaking to further!

Now, what they might then do is they may say “Actually…you’ve got my curiosity there, go on, what is it you’ve got in mind?” Or they might say “Oh, actually I don’t know I’m probably not going to be around at 3:00 thinking about it but give me a call at 2:00 and I will be available to take your call.”

So we’ve got over the fact that “call me back at 3 o’clock” or “call me back later” is something they tend to say to get people off the phone. A fob off! And what would happen if we accepted every fob off?

But now what we’ve done is we’ve obliged them to take our call because we’ve said “absolutely I promise I’ll call you back at 3 o’clock and the reason I want to do that is because I noticed on your new website using such-and-such and I’ve got an idea which I think will help you and I’d really like your opinion on. So will you be available to take my call then?”

You’ve outlined that you’re going to promise to deliver on something; you’ve got something in mind for them but you’re not so arrogant as to think that’s there’s a magic wand that you can wave in their business and you’d like their opinion. Instead there’s a choice and you want to know what they think.

And at the same time you’ve also asked them to commit by saying “will you be available to take my call/” So there’s a piece of reciprocation going on there.

Please re-read this article and think about how you can use it in your own words for your business – and you may well find that you get more conversations moving forward. As with any piece of sales training, keep working at it until you make it your own!

And finally, whatever you do make sure you DO call them back when promised. To increase the odds of success send them an invite and you’ve just created a phone appointment! Then set an alarm for 1457 and nothing will distract you from speaking to them!

If you’d like help with selling, please get in touch.

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