“Sales Tip: How to Increase Buy In From Your Prospects & Customers!”

Let’s imagine a common scenario: let’s say you rely on customers to do something as part of a process. In other words they need to take action in order for you to create a final outcome that you both want to achieve. Say for example there’s some admin they need to complete or provide but they’re a little bit behind the deadline in in getting it done. Sound familiar?

Well ultimately what’s happened there is they think something’s going to fall into place or you’ll somehow just make it all happen! Or they’re just busy and something else has taken priority! This doesn’t help either of you!

So we need to compel them to take action. Currently what’s happened is they haven’t bought into or understood how important that thing is that they’ve got to do. And the only way that they are going to understand is if they see the benefit!

This means we need to be really, really explicit with what that means to them! That means you have to bring it back to the original purpose (the motive) that they’re engaging you for.

Let’s say for example you’re going to you’re going to help them with a campaign which is then going to result in more opportunities for them to speak to more people about what they do: I recommend you say to them: “OK in order for us to deliver the campaign we need you to provide this information to us first. Unless we get that information we can’t act upon it for you and you’re not going to get the conversion you’re looking for, you’re not going to get the audience that you want and you’re not going to be able to have the opportunities to then promote what you do to them!”

There’s multiple consequences for them there! The language I’ve used expresses the following things like “you’re not going to be able to do this… this won’t happen and that won’t happen!” You’re making it very serious for a moment. It’s like you’re fast forwarding to the point where they’ve not done that thing and now they’re experiencing the pain and frustration that they would if they didn’t act!

I was recently in a conversation with someone who was really fed up because they were getting it in the neck from their customer -despite the fact they’ve done everything they could to help the customer. But because the customer just hadn’t done a vital piece of admin they needed to do it was holding the whole thing up. As a result that was actually going to cost the customer a significant amount of money because of the delay involved arranging timings, suppliers etc. Crazy stuff!

It’s so important to make sure that the person we’re communicating with understands their part. It’s not just about us providing the service but also what their part of it is too They need to do their bit and if they don’t then there’s a consequence!

If you’d like help with sales, please get in touch!

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