“Land the F**king Plane!”

Sales Tip: “Land the F**king Plane!”

This article is written with the intent to help you think of ways to get to the point, take action, or work out the essence and true value of whatever you are communicating. The reason it’s called “Land the F**king Plane” and not just “Land the Plane” is the latter just doesn’t epitomise the urgency that we often need to create.

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation before now where you’ve been in a meeting, or conversation and something which sounded good initially but then the person who’s talking about the idea seems to lose track and it switches from being a great idea at first, suddenly seems really diluted and a bit naff!

Once we’ve lost our momentum, when we’ve lost the engagement with our audience whether it be on the phone or in any other form of communication it’s extremely hard to bring them back on-side again. My advice to you is if you’re preparing anything and want to ensure you are staying on the point with each chunk of information ask yourself “have I landed the f**king plane?”

It works with the written word too. Say you’re sending an email to someone: step into their world; and say if I was reading this, if I was really stressed out, if I was really busy, if I wanted to deal with this and then move on -does it grab my attention? Can I understand it quickly or do I have to think about it too hard in which case chances are it’s not explained well enough or briefly enough.

It’s even more vital when you are physically delivering information! If you’re going to do a talk and you’re struggling to get to the essence of your message yourself, when you are preparing you need to really boil it down to its bare bones and get to the true meaning of what you’re trying to get across.

This means you really need to think about what’s going to grab and hold their attention. And the only way you’re going to do that is by thinking about it from their perspective. What will each of them want to get from that meeting? What will they want to find out? What you can do to help them be more successful? What you can do to help them to get over a current issue?

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