Stop Talking Yourself Out of Opportunities!

“Being enthusiastic is fine because you’re a salesperson -but it won’t mean you’ll be any good as a manager!”

Harsh words! Now imagine they come from people you trust and are close to you. What would happen if you paid heed to those words?

I remember in my early sales career talking to some customers while being conscious laser holes were being burned into the back of my skull as my line manager “observed” me, to be met afterwards with: “Why did you say it like that? That’s not what I told you to say!” His idea of feedback!

I learnt a valuable lesson in how to be a good manager by doing the opposite to the example I was shown! (I bet you can think of a bad manager you’ve experienced right now!) I believe situations can always be turned around, it’s never too late for anyone to improve -even in the tiniest of measures. And that momentum can be continually fed by giving the gift of encouragement. Oh yeah- and enthusiasm does serve you extremely well as a manager: people always respond to your energy!

The words we use, the messages we send can have life changing impact. The examples I gave earlier could have had very negative impact if I gave them any weight. Instead I chose to do the opposite. I encouraged myself to take action! And that is the secret- the first person you must encourage every day, multiple times a day as necessary- is YOU!

I’ve realised that helping people to get inspired is another form of encouragement and has an incredible ripple effect. Tiny improvements! For the last few months I have been recording a short live video every day on Facebook and YouTube with a tip or a thought with the aim that if it helps one person it’s been worth it. This is quite a daunting thing to do – recording yourself to camera, not really knowing if anyone will watch or if they do, whether they will care. I was given some great feedback during my first live video as a comment popped up saying “get off FaceBook!” At least there was no angry emoji, so I think they were definitely trying to be helpful…

111 videos later I now know from experience that people do appreciate what we do, they do care and it does help them. They just don’t necessarily get round to letting us know right away.

If there’s something you’ve been putting off because of what people might think I have 2 great tips to give you the impetus to go for it. Here’s the first:  do it with the intention that if it helps just one person in a tiny way then it’s been worth it. Then the next thing you do will help someone else in a tiny way and so on, and so on.

The second one is when we are considering whether we should do something or not we often think of the pro’s and con’s. The problem is we then pay too much heed to the con’s! Then we talk ourselves out of the reasons why we should do it! In kicks our procrastination reflex and we settle for less.

Don’t dilute yourself by settling for less! Consider 5 reasons why you should do that thing and screw the reasons why you shouldn’t- don’t even go there! Instead see where that new thing TAKES you!

I’m now being asked to speak about this- if you’d like me to share this message with your organisation/ business please let me know.

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