Things to Avoid If You Want to Create & Maintain Sales Conversations:

Here are some tips to start, maintain or re-awaken sales conversation. I use these and see them used effectively with businesses I work with which is great as they get results!

 If you’ve spoken to someone about a potential need and you want to follow up on the requirement. NEVER enquire about it by adding a negative like this: “So have you looked at what we talked about or have you got other priorities?” or “So have you had a chance to look at what we discussed or have you gone down another route?”

Instead say something that links to their original motive like this: “I’m calling because you mentioned it was important to increase the conversion of your new team members to help hit your Q4 targets…” Much more effective!

 How to Get Responses from People When They’ve Gone Quiet:

Don’t harass, don’t give up either! Here’s a way to achieve professional persistence: you’ve tried to follow up on an opportunity, made some calls, sent a couple of e mails, even a couple of texts and you get radio silence! This e mail may increase the likelihood of a response:

“Hi John, I know things get very busy- we discussed (abc) requirement- can you let me know which of the following applies to your current situation:

  1. Something else has taken priority
  2. You’ve decided to go ahead but need more time
  3. You’ve decided to go ahead and would like to arrange to talk further.

This increases the chances the recipient will respond as it gives them simple options. It might be “A” but at least you’d know where you stand!

 How Not to Follow Up An Introduction:

 I recently got an e mail from an event booking platform saying they notice I put on sales seminars and listed the various services they could provide. And to get in touch if I was interested…

Sorry, not interested! Nothing inspired me about that. Nothing different to what I currently have.

The next week I get an ineffective e mail follow up to this ineffective e mail introduction. It started “Hey there, I’m sure your last event was successful and that you are planning your next one- let’s talk about how we can switch you over.”

“Hey there…” They’ve not used my name and it feels like it’s a generic way to open.

Now instead if someone from that business called me and said something like: “we notice you provide sales training seminars and use a platform to administer it, we have some additional features that might be worth considering including prompt payment services.” I’d at least be willing to listen. So, if you have an idea for someone- pick up the phone- they may not even read e mails and just delete anything that doesn’t look familiar!

 “We’ll Get Back to You…” An Objection? A Fob Off?

 My final tip is if you have followed up, your contact has taken your calls yet they keep saying things like “we’ll get back to you…” One way to find out more information or to help prompt action is to say something like this:

“sure, just before I go- have you got any concerns?” If they do, they’ll express them and you can handle them. Or if they say “no” then that’s a positive no! In which case you can say: “Great! So let’s start the ball rolling to work together!”

 If you’ve got further questions about these recommendations or would like help let me know!

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