How to Incentivise Sales Staff

Here’s a great way to get traction with run rate for a sales team with weekly sales/ activity targets.

Do you ever have weeks where you need to pile in 60% or more of the result in the last 2 days- the classic catch up scenario? That’s OK if you achieve it/ surpass it by close of business on the Friday but what about the weeks where you/ your team fall short?

That’s pressure isn’t it? And not the best kind…so:

Create positive pressure- find a way to ensure you/ your team are at least 60 % of plan by close of business mid-week. Here’s one way which I’ve seen work with massive effect, week after week:

The Booster Board!

You have a large board and let’s say you have 12 team members, stick 12 envelopes with prizes inside. (So that 1 prize is available per team member.) What you put in them could range from shopping vouchers, cinema tickets, a token to exchange for some wine, another for beer, another for cider. You could also have a token for them to come in later one day, another for them to leave early one day. Or take a longer lunch. You could even put some lottery scratch cards in them. Another one could be that you will make them tea/ coffee all day/ fetch their lunch one day.

The key is to think about what your team members like and would respond well to as prizes.

Then you set a commitment with them so that the performance they have to achieve is challenging but achievable.

The great thing about this is even if someone had a lower performance the first 2 days of the week- which could affect their mind set and negatively impact their whole week’s performance , they are more likely to feel inspired by the prospect of the prize and up their game.

Plus the whole team becomes energised which also creates more positive pressure.

This incentive doesn’t just have to apply to sales teams it could be any team with objectives- you just relate whatever measurable performance is needed to the Booster Board.

Once the team members see their colleagues choose an envelope the game will be set to see who can get the next one!

What kinds of things do you do to create a fun environment working under positive pressure?


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