Top 10 Sales Tips

Is picking up the phone an annoying interruption to the recipient’s day? Call with a compelling reason, something to genuinely help- and it won’t be!

Our competitors are not our competition, the true competition is for our clients and prospects to choose to do nothing, ask questions about why they might choose that option!

Before speaking to a client/ Prospect think: “what is the best outcome for them and me from this interaction?”

E mail is for info share and confirming agreed facts, anything opinion related is a conversation- pick up the phone and ask them!

Doing lots of quotes and proposals? Are they from the same companies? They don’t go ahead? Review how many convert. They are price benchmarking!

If asked for a quote/ proposal ask “when will you be reviewing it?”

Find out how serious the requirement is: ask “what will you do if you don’t do this?”

Reciprocation: if you are asked to do a quote/ proposal- find out what they want to see and ask more about those things.

Take the pressure off you and your client/ prospect. Imagine that what you do is free! You will make your best recommendation based on their requirements. You’ll be less likely to make assumptions or judgements about budget and instead build value!

Use simple illustrations, diagrams, sketch with your client- it’s interactive and increases understanding levels. It doesn’t matter how rubbish your drawing skills are- everyone can draw stick men and your message will be clearer and memorable!


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