What a Pain!

One of my fillings fell out recently. I should get it sorted out quickly but I haven’t yet. The thing is I can actually feel the hole during the day acting like a continual reminder.

I’m fortunate to not be scared of the Dentist, my Dentist is great. You can even get a freshly ground coffee in reception while you are waiting if you like.

So, what’s stopping me getting my tooth sorted? I’m not making time for it because it’s not an inconvenience for me yet. I’m busy with all kinds of stuff. Yet the hole is getting bigger.

Something’s got to change otherwise I’m going to wake up with serious tooth ache and a hefty dental bill.

I’m even ignoring the “polite” reminders at home from my partner!

In the meantime it’s easy to do nothing about it. I’m human and I get distracted.

It’s a common situation in business too. We’re far more likely to keep doing what we’ve always done/ stay with the existing supplier unless the problem is hurting enough.

So if staying as we are/ doing nothing is the most likely choice we make, how much do we consider that when talking to our customers and Prospects? That’s likely to be their thought process too.

There may be a good reason they are doing nothing rather than considering our solution. There could be other priorities in their business which require their attention. Or it could be that there isn’t a compelling enough reason to consider our solution.

Or maybe they’re just not telling us because we’re not asking? This is a common situation I come across when working with sales people. They are reticent to ask the client’s/ Prospect’s view on not doing anything.

Here are some example questions that work well:

“What other options are you considering?”

“How likely are you to stay as you are?”

“What would be your reasons to not do this?”

“What will you do if you don’t do this?”

You may have your own preferred way of asking this type of question in which case it would be great to hear it.

The result of asking these types of questions may give us information we can work with. It may also give us news we might not want to hear- it’s better to know though so we can adjust our approach.

As an exercise it’s useful to look at our pipeline/ CRM and see which opportunities might need exploring with these type of questions.

I hope you find this helpful, I’d really like to hear your thoughts and any examples of questions you favour.


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