Prospecting Tip: Why You Should Never Lie to Reach the Decision Maker

Are you having challenges reaching the Decision Maker? Should you lie to the gatekeeper when asked the question: “is he/ she expecting your call?” I get asked this a lot and there are Sales Trainers who will say “well the objective is to get through to the Decision Maker -so when he or she asks you “is he or she expecting your call?” You answer “yes, can you put me through please…” I DO NOT advocate this!

Some even advocate pretending to be someone else as a way of catching the receptionist/ PA off guard so they put you through! Just don’t do this. Let’s assume you do get through, you’ll get short shrift from the DM, you’ll end up being put back through to the receptionist to apologise and get blocked from ever approaching them again.

Whilst it’s true getting through to the decision maker is the objective I believe that there are more positive ways to handle that question.

If you say “it’s in connection with XYZ” for example “it’s in connection with Q2 conversion” or some information that you’ve gleaned from their social media or their website or conversations you’ve had on LinkedIn. The most important thing is to lead with value- something that makes sense and would be of interest to your target audience.

I believe that’s a far less manipulative or less coercive way of getting through, so there are more positive ways to deal with that question. I hope you find that reassuring and useful! What’s your thoughts on this- should you lie to the gatekeeper to get through to the decision maker and then convince them once you’re through?

I asked this question on LinkedIn recently and there are some very strong feelings about the topic!


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