How To Get Over The Fear of Calling

Here are some ideas which can help with call reluctance:

Call reluctance is when we get that seed of doubt in our mind when we’re about to call someone and they could be our ideal Prospect. We don’t want to mess up the opportunity. And we start thinking about what could go wrong:

“What if I stumble?” “What if the piece that I’m calling them about isn’t what they’re interested in?” “What if I’ve got no way of continuing the conversation?”

We’re now in the situation where there’s trepidation, there’s those irrational fears popping into our head, there’s those imaginary scenarios.

We might just think, oh, okay, well I’ll put it off until I’ve come up with a better reason (to call) or I’ll wait till I’m in the right mindset, or I’ll put it off when I’ve done such and such, and then I’ll have the confidence to do it…

The thing is, if WE’RE making those decisions, we’re not really giving the Prospect the opportunity to be involved!

Isn’t that a bit crazy? What we’re deciding is that it’s not the right time to speak to our Prospect

for our own personal reasons, yet surely the reason that we’re calling our Prospect is to engage with them and get their responses and understand THEIR opinion on the idea that we’re presenting to them -that we want to have a conversation about.

So my question to you is: “do we have the right to form our Prospect’s opinion for them?”

“Do we have the right to form anyone’s opinion for them?” We know the answer should unanimously be “no!” We DON’T have the right to form our prospect’s opinion for them and we don’t have the right to form other people’s opinion for them!

So therefore we should let them make the decision if it’s the right thing for them or not, or if they want to talk about something else. Which is equally good!

So my recommendation is that we stop deciding for ourselves that the Prospect isn’t going to be interested because we don’t yet know!


We haven’t got “Force powers!” We haven’t got a crystal ball that allows us to see into their mind!

We can get a good feel for the type of business that they’re involved in, the type of Prospect they are, as to whether they’re going to have some interest in it.

Ultimately we cannot decide if now is not the right time to call them.

Let’s stop making that our decision and allow that to be the Prospect’s decision.

And remember, if we’re feeling call reluctance, if we’re getting that seed of doubt, remember say to yourself:

“who’s deciding this?” “I’m deciding for the Prospect!” “Do I have the right to form their opinion for them? No!”

“How do I even know what they’re going to think -the only way I’m going to find out is if I call them, if I speak to them!”

And if we look at it from the perspective of being helpful, then they’re more likely to respond positively.

Earlier on in the blog I described all sorts of negative thinking. (What if…)

We imagine catastrophes, we imagine the things that could go wrong.

Well, why not do the opposite and talk ourselves into the opportunity -instead think of reasons why they might be interested and then talk ourselves into calling them instead of waiting till a later stage.

3-5 Good Outcomes from The Call

Instead think about three to five reasons why we SHOULD call them.

And it’s amazing what happens.

As soon as we start to think about all the different bits of value and help that we can give those people, then we actually become excited about sharing the message with them.

I hope you found this blog helpful- let me know any questions or comments and please share this with anyone you feel would like it or find it useful.