Getting the Most Out of the Most Important Part of a Sales Call!

Following on from my recent blog The Most Important Part of a Sales Call! I thought I’d share an exercise I did today with a sales team.

The team members had the following objectives:

> How do we come up with more varied opening statements/ reasons to call? Continue reading Getting the Most Out of the Most Important Part of a Sales Call!

One More!

One of the most valuable lessons in sales was taught to me by one of my colleagues in the early part of our sales careers. Every evening as our team was shutting their computers down and getting ready to leave to go home or maybe the Pub, he’d do something different to the rest of us. He’d always say “I’m just going to do one more!” Continue reading One More!

What a Pain!

One of my fillings fell out recently. I should get it sorted out quickly but I haven’t yet. The thing is I can actually feel the hole during the day acting like a continual reminder.

I’m fortunate to not be scared of the Dentist, my Dentist is great. You can even get a freshly ground coffee in reception while you are waiting if you like. Continue reading What a Pain!

Top 10 Sales Tips

Is picking up the phone an annoying interruption to the recipient’s day? Call with a compelling reason, something to genuinely help- and it won’t be!

Our competitors are not our competition, the true competition is for our clients and prospects to choose to do nothing, ask questions about why they might choose that option! Continue reading Top 10 Sales Tips

How to Incentivise Sales Staff

Here’s a great way to get traction with run rate for a sales team with weekly sales/ activity targets.

Do you ever have weeks where you need to pile in 60% or more of the result in the last 2 days- the classic catch up scenario? That’s OK if you achieve it/ surpass it by close of business on the Friday but what about the weeks where you/ your team fall short? Continue reading How to Incentivise Sales Staff