A Prospecting Sales Call
  Are you having challenges reaching the Decision Maker? Should you lie to the gatekeeper when asked the question: “is he/ she expecting your call?” I get asked this a lot and there are Sales Trainers who will say “well the objective is to get through to the Decision Maker Go ahead
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Key Note Speaker
  Tip 1: If you want to improve how you handle objections, improve how you feel about objections! Instead of thinking of them as a conversation stopper or issue- see them as a question or concern. Learn to expect them and see them as a natural part of the sales Go ahead
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Motivating Quote
  It was recently brought home to me how important it is to give regular feedback and support to salespeople out in the Field.   It’s amazing what happens when you do! I was out for the day doing some accompanied visits with a Field Sales Representative. He has a Go ahead
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