“Hi is that Martyn?” “Yes” “It’s James from (Organisation) I’m calling to let you know about the offer we have at the moment for membership. We’re waiving our joining fee this month.” “I appreciate your call James but it’s not something I’m considering at the moment, thanks for your call Go ahead
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3 Sales Tips

 Here are 3 quick tips which can help you create more opportunities. These have all come from conversations I’ve had with clients and salespeople this week and are typical business challenges we all face: Is The Problem Really The Problem? How often do you think you’ve found the opportunity to Go ahead
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 I did a workshop for some Field Sales people this time last year and the Sales Director decided to have a competition to see who could make the most appointments, it ran up to the end of December. The team consisted of 10 people including 2 new starters and 8 Go ahead
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