Making A Sales Call
 We must get as many parts of our communication process working for us as possible. How often when you dial in to retrieve your messages do you find blank ones where the caller just hung up? Do you have a personalised voice mail message delivered in a friendly tone? While Go ahead
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Don't Lose The Sale
 Selling is all about helping people make better buying decisions. The trouble is too many salespeople fall into the trap of following their own agenda and end up in a repeated pitch cycle. The buyer stalls and the process quickly loses momentum. They move onto the next opportunity and repeat… Go ahead
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Martyn Sloman Speaker Business Show
 Professional Persistence Here are some easy ways to increase the odds of being able to continue the conversations with your clients and Prospects while remaining professionally persistent: Direct Contact: Have you got their direct dial number or do you rely on being put through by switchboard? Even better have you Go ahead
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