I was recently asked to help a Sales Manager support the performance of his team. The initial part of the process was that we reviewed his team members’ individual payoffs. We used the approach described in a previous blog: Understanding Payoffs. Having done this and put some development plans agreed Go ahead
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 Here’s a great way to get traction with run rate for a sales team with weekly sales/ activity targets. Do you ever have weeks where you need to pile in 60% or more of the result in the last 2 days- the classic catch up scenario? That’s OK if you Go ahead
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How to Sell More

 “Well done, you’ve passed the certification. Get on the phone and get yourself some appointments.” That was the advice from my Area Manager in my first sales job. I was a commission only Financial Consultant working for a Life company at the tender age of 21. “There’s the phone, there’s Go ahead
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