One More!

 One of the most valuable lessons in sales was taught to me by one of my colleagues in the early part of our sales careers. Every evening as our team was shutting their computers down and getting ready to leave to go home or maybe the Pub, he’d do something Go ahead
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 I recently completed a 6 month sales training & coaching project with a new client. And just like in an earlier example: “11th Hour Sales Dilemna!” it was very nearly jeopardised. I had been in a bake off for the business with 2 other prospective sales training consultancies. I got Go ahead
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What a Pain!

 One of my fillings fell out recently. I should get it sorted out quickly but I haven’t yet. The thing is I can actually feel the hole during the day acting like a continual reminder. I’m fortunate to not be scared of the Dentist, my Dentist is great. You can Go ahead
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