How to Get Calls, Voicemails and Emails Returned

How to get your voicemail returned.

I’ve got quick sales tip for you today I’ve been working from home doing some follow-up and I thought I’d share with you an idea to help with that part of the sales process.

If you’re doing follow-up it might be a bit of time since you last spoke to the other party, it could be a few weeks since you last spoke to them, sent a quote or proposal- so you want to know what’s going on in their mind -where they are in the process.

You want to get a response -so think about that when you call them or when you leave a message or when you send them that follow-up email: how are you going to entice them to call back?

What will compel them to call you back or to respond -you’ve got to get their curiosity and you’ve got to make them understand what’s in it for them! One of the ways that I recommend is to leave it a little bit cryptic: what you say to them is “since we last spoke I’ve got a couple of ideas for you and I wanted to get your opinion on them, I’m on 071234 56789…”

And you just leave it like that! Another variation is to do this: “since we last spoke (or) since I last sent you the quote/ proposal I’ve had a couple more thoughts on this for you and I wanted to get your opinion…”

People love to express their opinion!  You’ve also got the curiosity factor: what are these other things you are hinting at? You’ve just left it nice and cryptic they will more likely call you back!

Now something that you must never do is never make them feel awkward about the fact that that a load of time has passed! Everyone’s busy! We don’t need to highlight the fact that three weeks has passed since they last spoke to us:

“Hey, it’s been three weeks since we last spoke! Haven’t heard from you…what’s going on?”

None of that’s helpful it just creates barriers so instead just take the blame away say to them:

“Hey I appreciate things get busy, by the way I’ve had some further thoughts for you and I’d love to get your opinion on them give me a call back on 07………”

I hope you find this useful give it a go whilst you’re doing your follow-up!