Objection Handling: How to Overcome “We’ve Chosen Another Provider”

Decision Making Dilemma

Here’s a great objection handling tip, it’s called “Remove The Risk!” A little while back it looked like I’d missed the opportunity with a Prospect- I got in contact with him and he said “Oh you’re too late it looks like we’ve gone for another solution.”

So I said “okay well where are you with your decision-making at the moment if you don’t mind me asking? He said “well we’ve seen three suppliers and so we’re now just going through the process of deciding which one we should engage with.”

I asked him how long ago he’d seen the last provider. He replied “Just over a couple of weeks ago, why?” I then replied to him: “The fact that it’s been a good couple of weeks since you saw the last provider tells me that it’s likely that none of the potential solutions that you saw really stood out otherwise you’re very likely to have made your decision by now…”

He then replied “okay what are you suggesting then?”  I said “what I’d like to suggest is that I come and see you give you my proposal and if it turns out that I’ve got the ingredients you’re really looking for then that means the decision-making is done for you, or if it turns out that my solution isn’t the right one then that tells you that the true decision lies with one of those three other providers.”

He agreed to see me and at the end of the meeting it was my company (I’m happy to say) that he engaged with and I never would have had the opportunity if I hadn’t have challenged the initial objection in that positive way.

My recommendation to you is when you hear that people are already perhaps partly through the decision -making process, there’s still an opportunity to probe further and potentially give them some helpful ideas and may end up winning the business. It may also be that you’ve got opportunities in your pipeline that perhaps have gone stale and you need to look at ways you could approach the Prospects in order to remove the risk like I did and stimulate them to take action. I hope you find this useful and please check out my great new online sales course: Sell More, Easily!


3 Objection Handling Tips

Key Note Speaker

Tip 1: If you want to improve how you handle objections, improve how you feel about objections! Instead of thinking of them as a conversation stopper or issue- see them as a question or concern. Learn to expect them and see them as a natural part of the sales conversation. If you look back at sales conversations that went well you’ll see that an objection or objections were raised and it went well because you confidently responded and the other party was reassured.

Tip 2: If you want to become effective at handling objections this is something elite salespeople do: Act it out! It’s just not enough to decide how you are going to handle it from a strategy/ method point of view. You will not improve unless you work out word for word WHAT you are going to say. Then you need to get comfortable saying it. Then repeat, repeat, repeat until it flows. It doesn’t matter if it’s very slightly different each time as long as the content of the message is good. Otherwise you’ll come up with the right stuff some of the time and not at other times and you’ll be wondering why…

Tip 3: When handling objections use this subtle yet powerful technique: PAUSE! This has multiple positive effects; it relaxes the situation-you can’t overcome an objection if tension exists! It allows them to consider their response. It makes the customer feel like this is something the salesperson has to give some serious thought when responding. (If it feels like a canned response was just reeled out they’ll feel sold to.) Even if you’ve heard the objection a ton of times it pays dividends to say something like: “That’s a really good point…” or “I understand see why you say that…” The fact the Prospect/ customer has expressed it means they feel it’s valid so it should be acknowledged!