Increasing Sales Conversion on Quotes & Enquiries

It’s really exciting when we get enquiries and quotes, what’s not so great is when they don’t go ahead, or if there’s delays or we just don’t know what’s going on!

The best time to understand more about that is on the initial enquiry. People tend to share the most when you initially engage with them.

That’s our golden opportunity to ask some great questions. I’m just going to talk you through some of those. Let’s imagine I’m getting a sales training inquiry, which I’m really happy about, but at the same time, I want to make sure that there’s an opportunity I can help with.

And if I’m the right kind of person to do that. So I’ll start off by saying:

 “Oh, thanks very much. How did you hear about me?” And they’ll say something like, “Well I saw your website or I saw some of your content on LinkedIn. Or “someone recommended me.”

And then I’d ask, “okay, and what’s brought about the requirement for this?” And it might be that they say, “well, we found that this is an issue for us….” Or “Well we’re just considering doing something next year. So just wanted to get an idea of cost if you could help us with that.”

So there are some different responses as examples. I would then before going on just ask one more question, which would just be to say, “and what are you currently doing at the moment? “

“So what are you currently doing for sales training right now?”

 “Oh, we’ve got another sales training provider, that we’ve been using for a while.”

I then ask, “Oh, okay, why are you not going ahead with them then?” Or “why are you considering not using them?”

And if they say to me, “well, we’ve kind of feel like we’ve seen all of their content and we need to give our sales people a bit of a different approach.” Or if they were to say, “yeah, we could use the, the other provider, but we’re just seeing what else is around in the marketplace.”

Both of those say to me that there’s potential there, but one has got way more potential. The first one expresses dissatisfaction. “We’ve seen all their content.” That tells me that they’re not getting value anymore or they’ve perceived not to be getting value, any more from the other provider.

So just to, just to summarize on that, we want to thank them for their enquiry or their request for a quote, but we also need to be mindful that they may be testing the market. They may not be ready. It may be a future requirement.

It may be that they’ve been told to get three quotes. They’ve actually decided to use someone else, but they still have to get two of the quotes because that’s their buying policy. So by asking these questions:

“How did you hear about us?” “What’s brought about the requirements?” “What are you currently doing?”  “Why you not going down that route?”  Those give you some great ways to initially gauge the, the expectation. I hope you find that helpful. Please share this with anyone you feel might be interested.


Death By PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint in Sales Presentations

PowerPoint slides reduce sales conversion! About 10 years ago I forgot my charging cable on the way to a Prospect meeting & realised my laptop battery would die during the meeting.

I decided to not use it & opt for just my pad and pen. By not using the tech the engagement levels were way better & so was the end result.

It’s similar in my sales training- you should see the relief in people’s faces when I tell them I’ll hardly use any or even NO slides in the session! They’re actually grateful for it!

Sure they have a place in demos etc BUT even then I see salespeople who are on autopilot cruising through them and wonder why the rapport and buy in has dwindled. They then fall foul of futile follow up!

The acid test is what ratio of time are you using PowerPoint vs not when interacting with customers/ Prospects?