5 Words That Stall Sales Pipelines

5 Words that stall sales pipelines

There are five words that you should be wary of when leaving a Prospect/ Client meeting or call. Those five words are: “I think that went well!”

We want to be dealing with as much certainty in sales as possible (not false hope) and if you leave that conversation or meeting thinking “yeah I think that went well…” That means that potentially there are some questions that haven’t been answered.

It could potentially mean that the actions are one sided, in other words you’re doing more of the tasks and really what you want is mutual agreement -so there’s actions from each party.

This way everyone’s got a clear understanding of what happens next -what the next step is however big or small that might be.

If you find yourself saying: “I think that went well…” There’s definitely some further questions you can ask. Think about that before you make your next call or before you go into your next meeting: how are you going to establish what the mutual next actions are.

That will tell you how much buy-in there is and then you have a much healthier pipeline otherwise the risk is that 60% of it turns into a futile chasing situation…

If you find this is the response from your Sales team, it’s a signal to give them some help!