Death By PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint in Sales Presentations

PowerPoint slides reduce sales conversion! About 10 years ago I forgot my charging cable on the way to a Prospect meeting & realised my laptop battery would die during the meeting.

I decided to not use it & opt for just my pad and pen. By not using the tech the engagement levels were way better & so was the end result.

It’s similar in my sales training- you should see the relief in people’s faces when I tell them I’ll hardly use any or even NO slides in the session! They’re actually grateful for it!

Sure they have a place in demos etc BUT even then I see salespeople who are on autopilot cruising through them and wonder why the rapport and buy in has dwindled. They then fall foul of futile follow up!

The acid test is what ratio of time are you using PowerPoint vs not when interacting with customers/ Prospects?


Follow Up: Getting a Response When Things Have Gone Quiet.

Follow Up

Here’s a tip to help you get responses when following up and things have gone quiet at the other end.

It might be a bit of time since you last spoke to the other party. You want to know what’s going on in their mind- where they are in the process. To find out you need to get them to respond.

So think about that when you call them or when you leave a message or when you send them that follow up email, how are you going to entice them to call them back? You’ve got to get their curiosity and you’ve got to help them understand there’s something in it for them.

One of the ways that I recommend to do this is to leave it a little bit cryptic. What you say is: “since we last spoke, I’ve got a couple of ideas for you and I wanted to get your opinion on them…” (And you just leave it like that.) “Give me a call back on whatever your number is.” You can do the same in an email. People love to express their opinion! You’ve also got the curiosity factor: They’re now thinking “What are these other things?”