Sell More, Easily!

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Are you ready to take the fear out of selling and get more clients?

Are you uncertain about how to approach, what to say, or concerned things may not go to plan in a sales call? “Sell More Easily” is an online course that will help you tackle all your Sales challenges.

What outcomes can you expect?

  • Immediate improvement in performance through increased self-confidence. 
  • Conversion consistently uplifted (conservatively by  15%) 
  • Targets are quickly eaten into!
  • Sales activities are more organised, structured and effective.
  • Clearer understanding at every point in the sales process.
  • Price discounting managed sensibly.
  • Enthusiasm has replaced fear as you believe and want to help more people and businesses.

You will become:

  • Brimming with confidence and optimism.
  • Knowledgeable and determined.
  • Resilient when challenged.
  • Have a solid plan for continued improvement

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Course Modules:

  • What is Selling?
  • Objective of the Call or Visit
  • Ways to Increase Trust & Rapport
  • Opening Conversations Confidently
  • Inspiring Confidence Through Assertive Behaviour
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Questioning Skills
  • The 2 Reasons People Buy
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Making Recommendations
  • Handling Concerns (Objections)
  • Closing
  • Simple Rules for Effective Follow up

Personal Contact: Once you have invested in “Sell More, Easily!” you can book a 30 minute phone call / video call to discuss any sales concerns you’ve been having for immediate advice.

Need help during a module? No problem, send an email anytime and the Author: Martyn Sloman “The Non Pushy” Sales Trainer will respond within 24 hours or same day if possible!

This “Sell More Easily” sales training course is also a community! There are discussion boards which allow you to share opinions and techniques with other participants in the course- this allows you to benefit from the feedback, expertise and experience of others sharpening their sales abilities!

Lets Talk! Schedule a time for 15 minute chat to see if “Sell More Easily” is the right fit for you/your company

“I can highly recommend this online course. I’ve built confidence to approach Prospects and follow up, resulting in booking appointments with my ideal clients without feeling pushy.”

Stanislava Williams, BrandCapture

“I have been working in Mortgages for almost 5 years. Clients come to me for a Mortgage for their dream home, rarely are people excited to arrange life cover or income protection, with many thinking they are bullet proof! Hence I have often taken “no” too easily when it comes to the protection conversation, not only often leaving my clients without sufficient protection against the unexpected, but also missing out on valuable income for myself.
I asked Martyn to help me work on my process for when and how to introduce protection, how to position it and how to handle objections. I now feel much more comfortable approaching the topic, my meetings now follow a standard format, the question is asked very early on to gauge interest and all my clients are given the range of options, some say no, but at least now I have done my job properly. Those that say yes, now have the comfort of knowing they are protected. I can sleep at night knowing I have given everyone the choice and my income is rapidly increasing. Almost 50% of my written business for the current month has come from protection sales, up from around 10% at best in months gone by
I highly recommend Martyn, he is very knowledgeable and with simple guidance made a huge difference to my business.”
Paul, Bristol Mortgage Broker

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