Course Description

Selling is a skill that has benefits in many areas. This highly practical course is designed for everyone from curious individuals, business owners, service and support staff to established salespeople wanting to refresh their skills. You learn about selling, increasing trust and rapport, confidence building, active listening and questioning, closing a sale, and effective follow up.

Course Outcomes       

  • Explain what selling is and is not.
  • Identify the objectives of the call, visit, or conversation.
  • Implement strategies to increase trust and rapport.
  • Engage in confident conversations.
  • Implement assertive behaviour strategies that inspire confidence.
  • Incorporate effective questioning techniques into sales presentations.
  • Analyse prospect feedback to present solutions and benefits of next steps.
  • Address prospect concerns and objections.
  • Ensure closing with each client interaction.
  • Implement the rules of effective follow up.

The platform is called Bongo, it’s an online learning environment that allows employees to practice implementing training principles, complete experiential exercises, and receive personalised feedback. This includes:

  • Video Assignments — workflows employees complete on their own time to demonstrate their skill and receive feedback
  • Virtual Classroom — a web conferencing tool to meet, train, or practice in real-time through video
  • Pointed Feedback — individualized, time-stamped comments let employees know exactly where they did well and where they could improve
  • Peer Review — colleagues, managers, or seasoned professionals can provide feedback on employees’ video submissions

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