Catherine Matravers, Sales & Operations Manager, Fuel Tank Shop & Tanks Direct

Martyn at Gold Dust Training has been supporting our teams for some time now, helping us to increase the receptiveness from our sales teams through changes in the business and the increased expectation this brings.

He has provided great advice on performance management, this has led to increased confidence and morale throughout the office. The coaching and feedback he has given individuals has made such a difference with the adoption of effective sales behaviours and the engagement in sales activities, which in turn has helped to increase our success.

Martyn has a great style and that has been instrumental in our teams creating practical phrases and techniques they are happy to use to win business we otherwise may have missed.

With his help, we have been able to develop more effective follow up processes and this has led to increased conversion rates and less business going to our competition!

I highly recommend Martyn and will no doubt be calling on him again for his support in the not too distant future.