One More!

One of the most valuable lessons in sales was taught to me by one of my colleagues in the early part of our sales careers. Every evening as our team was shutting their computers down and getting ready to leave to go home or maybe the Pub, he’d do something different to the rest of us. He’d always say “I’m just going to do one more!”

He’d open his CRM back up and choose one more customer to call. It didn’t matter if he got through to the customer. If he didn’t he’d just close his computer down and leave. If he did reach them he’d have a conversation with them.

Over the course of a month it led to him making 2 incremental sales as an average. Over a year this equated to 24 incremental sales which was more than an additional month’s performance! Just for applying his “one more” process.

There are so many positives in this habit:

He understood the value of putting in effort with activity

He used a system which became a habit.

It was a very small achievable additional task so was easier to maintain.

He worked under positive pressure.

And most importantly he always did “one more” no matter what kind of result he’d had that day. Including when he’d had bumper days- easily the time when he could be tempted to take his foot off the accelerator.

Have you ever had a situation where you were going to stop for the day then did one more piece of activity?

Try it this week just to see what happens!


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