3 Sales Tips

Here are 3 quick tips which can help you create more opportunities. These have all come from conversations I’ve had with clients and salespeople this week and are typical business challenges we all face:

Is The Problem Really The Problem?

How often do you think you’ve found the opportunity to help only to discover later it wasn’t really a big enough issue?  The trouble is we put in all this hard work Prospecting and navigating our way to the people we need to speak to that we are almost grateful that they continue the conversation!

If you have situations like that it’s time to pull back and be more objective. One way to do this is to ask a gauging question like “How important is that to you?” or “How much of an issue is that to you?” or “What would happen if you continued that way?”

What Are The Consequences Of Not Making The Call?

I get told by participants that they are worried about making calls to existing clients to ask if there are any further areas they can help with or issues to resolve. At least if you find out this stuff early on you have the opportunity to do something about it which the client will see as helpful and proactive. Here’s the consequence if you don’t: Today one of my connections told me he is about to switch provider because his existing supplier wasn’t responsive and communicative enough on multiple occasions when he contacted them.

Meanwhile he’s heard about the reputation of another provider and had personal feedback from some of their clients which gives him enough social proof to decide to take action and switch! The new provider has had to do nothing to gain this client other than being diligent and thorough and growing his reputation as a result!

Make Alternative Recommendations Especially If You Can’t Help!

I met someone this week who told me that they went into a business to help them with the requirement that they specialise in. It turned out that the issue wasn’t what they handle so they walked away. They didn’t want to create a solution for something that wasn’t a real problem and take money for the privilege, which is great…  BUT they identified another issue and then left it!

What they could have done is to make a recommendation or suggest suppliers that could help rather than just leaving them high and dry. That Prospect would appreciate the goodwill and maybe recommend them to their own connections.

There is always an opportunity for us in the world of sales sometimes it’s very well hidden- what do you think? For more sales advice call me on 07580894232 or email martyn@golddusttraining.co.uk




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